Star Wars: Fractures Session 1

Faden Cross
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This is a lightly-edited summary of a session of a Star Wars TTRPG session.

Time: 1000 years ABY

Setting: The planet Obroa-Skai in the Inner Rim; the small town of Vengo

A rusted terraformer looms on the outskirts of the town Vengo. Grassland covers the ground for miles. A frozen desert named, “The Barrens’’, is directly west of Vengo. The terraforming project failed before turning all of Obroa-Skai into a verdant paradise. The entire town is formed around the community center. Once a forgotten ruin, now it stands tall. An Ithorian named Elder Sen (they/them) oversees the town from the community center. They paced in front of the windows, fraught with worry. Last night a massive windstorm blew in. Thankfully the fields of illin were harvested before the storm. However, in the cover of darkness half of the harvest went missing.

With few options Elder Sen tasked their apprentice, Ar-No Rinikar (he/him), to gather three others. Sen felt relieved when he saw Ar-No enter the room. Over the years Sen has come to rely on Ar-No. Though he was still a young adult at 28, he proved himself reliable and compassionate. When Ar-No was a kid, he discovered he could move things with his mind. Sen had run-ins before with others who could do this. They called it, “Pressure”. While not a Pressure user themselves, Sen taught Ar-No everything they knew about it, albeit it was very little.

Followed by Ar-No was an elder Duros with a scar on his nose, Huc Wespo(he/him). Ten years ago Huc Wespo arrived in Vengo. He was destitute when he met with Elder Sen. Over the years Huc learned to farm a little plot of land. Sometimes he would lend a hand to Ar-No’s family for their harvest. He was quiet, standoffish, but nobody disliked him.

An older human named Bef Omric (he/him) arrives soon after with his trusty companion, R3-G1, on his back. Bef wanders between Vengo, Pelta, and Homesdale repairing farming equipment and trading in goods. R3’s metal plating was rusted but some parts looked newier. Over the years Bef has restored parts of R3. He was a quiet man and even though Sen asked Ar-No to fetch Bef, they were surprised he showed up at all.

Finally, a most unusual person arrived. Velourm (she/they) was a Filar-Nitzan, gaseous polymorphic beings who are born from nebulas. Velourm herself came from the Maelstrom Nebula. She was brought to the planet Obroa-Skai under the impression she was some sort of pet to sell. However, a powerful wind from the Barrens swept her up. After an indeterminate amount of time a big storm dropped Velorum right on Vengo’s doorstep. The very same that happened the night before.
The fear in Elder Sen’s heart lessened at the sight of these four. Maybe, just maybe they can solve this mystery, they thought. With a whirl of Sen’s old voice modulator they spoke.

Sen: Thank you all for coming here. It is a dire time for our community. The people are unsettled and suspicious. Thankfully, Constable Fer-Desh investigated and we don’t think anyone here stole the harvest. Even though some suspected the newcomer Velorum, I’ve met with these gaseous beings before and I know they mean no harm. You three have been an important part of our community. I need you to help us. We don’t know who took the ilim nor do we know where they went. But if you need anything we will work with you. Ar-No, I watched you grow these many years and I hope you can use the Pressure to find what we need. Do y’all have any objections?

Ar-No: Nope.

Bef: There gonna be pay for it at the end?

Sen: We cannot offer much in these times. It’s been harsh these past few years, but our community is more than willing to give you all whatever rations you need to survive for years.

Bef: That’s pay enough for me.

Huc: Figure I ‘otta help people who helped me.

Sen: Huc I really appreciate that assistance. I am glad we brought you into our community ten long years ago. I knew from the moment we saw you that you were going to be a valuable member of this community. Velorum, I know the wind swept you in here, but are you willing to follow these three?

Velorum: It seems like the right way.

Everyone here felt Velorum’s voice inside their minds. For she did not communicate with words, but with telekinesis.

Sen: Now me and constable Fer-Desh narrowed down three possible locations where the illin could be. Homesdale to the northeast. The village there might have some leads. They have always disliked us but we’ve managed to keep the peace. Pelta is in the northwest. They have always been stalwart allies by buying our crops and helping us in our times of need. They might give you some information. We have little information of the far off town of Fernet. The people come and go but since they’re in the Barrens it might be hard to get there.

Ar-No: Half of our community supplies are gone, correct?

Sen: Correct. We will be able to survive the winter but it will be tight.

Ar-No: Time is of the essence then.

Sen: The issue is, this is the excess we use to trade with the other communities. Others will suffer. Please I beseech all of you to help us.

Ar-No: You talked to everyone in this community? There is no one left for us to reach out to?

Velorum: Where was the grain stored?

Sen: The grain was stored in our local warehouse. Not too far from the outskirts of town.

Velorum: Was there any evidence of what happened?

Sen: Kinda of tough to tell. Constable Fer-Desh is still in the warehouse investigating. She might have some leads.

Bef: I figure we talk to Fer-Desh

Huc: Sounds reasonable

As the party moved across town they heard the people talk about their worries for the future. In the entrance to the warehouse, Constable Fer-Desh (she/her) was examine the the floor. She was tired from working on this case all day. Normally, the little disputes in this town would bore her. This time, she was concerned that this was crime she couldn’t solve

Huc: What are you looking at t‘er constable?

Fer-Desh: Well, I’m looking at some missing crates. But specifically? Look on the floor right here. What do you see? Notta. Which is really strange they didn’t even drag these things.

Huc: not even a mark or a skuff?

Fer-Desh: Not a single bit. It’s like they were just -(She chuckles to herself) lifted out and disappeared. Must of had some sort of mechanism.

Huc: What if they had air transport?

Fer-Desh: Even in the storm we’ve of heard it. ‘Specialy with the rustbuckets flying around on this planet. Doubt they would’ve even gone through the storm, not even the best pilot could do that. Naw I don’t think anyone flew out of her. This was directly taken from our warehouse.

Huc: An act of pure strength is what yer suggestion?

Fer-Desh: Those crates weigh so much, you’d have to have a wild rancor carrying them. Well, maybe not a wild one but a baby at least.

Ar-No: Oh great, rancors.

Fer-Desh: I’m not saying it’s rancors. Look around there’s no rancor footprints silly.

Ar-No: Flying rancors. Oh my gosh. No. I just want to put it out there, since Pelta is friendly, maybe they’ve run into similar issues. We should reach out to them to see if they have any leads



Velorum looked around the warehouse and noticed footprints leading out of the warehouse. Noticed 4 sets of footprints. But the footprints were blown away by the storm.

The party was offered calfquens to ride to Pelta. They are like Banthas with short hair and no tusks.

Ar-No remembered that his dad and elder brother Blic worked on a one person speeder for a long while. The party grabbed the speeder.

They visited 2D general store where they haggled over cold gear prices along with a jar for Velorum. The party haggling felt aggressive to 2D so he pressed his emergency button and had Constable Fer-Desh watch over the exchange. 2D did lower the pieces a smidge reflecting that his calculations can sometimes be on the fritz. At-No tried to figure out a far way to split the price but Bef stepped in and offered to pay in full. Upon an offer of a weapon, Huc informed 2D that he, “put the blaster down a long time ago.” Fer-Desh chuckled and then left the store. Once the transaction was complete the party left.

The gang traveled to Pelta. Bef and R3 rode one of the calfquen. Huc took the speeder because the controls felt so familiar to him. Ar-No rode the other calfquen.

They were stopped by Dr. Rattlen (they/them), a very tired Gungan doctor and vet. He examined the calfquens and informed Ar-No that his calfquen has a hurt leg and to take it easy on him. Dr. Rattlen retries for a nap under a tree

It takes the party half a day to reach Pelta. Bef noticed Enbor (he/him) approached the party, “Alright y’all, I’m gonna warn you right now, if you haven’t been here before your gonna get some excitement.” Enbor loves doing cartwheels for children. He meets Velroum and Huc. They discussed the missing crates and Enbor’s husband stealing Enbor’s munchies. “I’m looking at two new people right here.” Click is Enbor’s husband. Enbor is very distractible but the party keeps him on track enough to talk about a Gand from Frenten.

The group crashed in a cave that Bef knew about. Bef ran circuits in the area so he had a bedroll. Thanks to destiny Huc had two bedrolls one he could give to Ar-No. Veleroum dissolved into a puddle-like state to go to sleep. R3 kept watch that night. Usually he did that every night for Bef. The night passes without issue.

A firecracker was thrown in from the left flank. Enbor did a cartwheel in front of the cave entrance while shouting, “Good Morn’!”

Nobody greets the party when they arrive at Homesdale. Steam wafted from the artificial hot springs. They see a person from the hot spring area. Bef notices Trella (she/her) who Bef has done work for. The conversation is contentious between Bef and Trella. She tells them to find the building with an inverted spire.

They met Jaxten (he/him). He calls Bef “Kef”. Bef asks if anything went missing. Jaxten lists off everything that was missing in the town. All the meninal shit that is missing. Jaxten wants to hunt down supposed cultist that are causing storms. He points the party to Beth(she/her) who is part of the “Community”. A group in Homesdale residents who act as a neighborhood watch.

Beth saw them come in. Asks if they are one of the “cult witches”. Veleorum asked if they are like Storms. Beth doesn’t trust scars. Beth has determined that Bef is just okay. She was impatient with their presence. She pulled out a paper book that had a list of names. She mentions a weird Gand person. Ar-No figured out that Beth was not lying but could tell she was very unhappy with the questions.

The party went back towards Vengo. Huc noticed that the speeder’s shifter was off. The speeder is rattling and needs to be worked on more. The calfquen’s knee buckled so the party stopped and camped in a down tree for the night. The dark side was felt and the downed tree had a single entrance. The party also heard howls in the night. They are awoken by R3 beeping in alarm. They were being watched by a figure in the distance. Ar-No tried to see who that was but he failed. He tripped and fell onto his face. “Guys, I got a bad feeling about this.”

They arrive in Vengo with Ar-No’s calfquen limping. The party passes Kel’s (she/her) hut. Kel is leaning back watching them pass by. Huc stopped by because they are friendly acquaintances. They enjoyed each other’s quiet company. Kel acknowledged Huc but stared at Ar-No. Ar-No asks Huc to beckon her but “don’t be weird about it”. “Excuse me!” Ar-No shouted impulsively. Huc and Kel talk about the missing crates. She mentions she saw a group of people moving out towards Frenten. Bef is trying to speed things along, “Yeah what’s going on here? Bef are you going by Huc now?” Huc said. Bef checked the speeder for mechanical issues. Bef could not fix it then but he could maybe fix it if it broke down. Huc was asked what he was doing with them. He described his blood stirring when he felt the call of action. Kel touched his arm, “sometimes when the light calls we answer” she said.

The party woke up Dr. Rattlen with a whistle and a blaster shot. They returned the calfquen and swamped them out for rested calfquen.

It took the party a full day to arrive to Frenten. They camped out with no problems. Velorum used “the Storm” to sense the future. She had to use the inner conflict of The Maelstrom to get a vision of a Gand. The frozen desert is cold to the party so they got another use of their cold gear. They arrive early in the morning.

There were two landing pads with a “crustie” on one of them. Huc analyzed the “crustie” and noticed it had no markings. Huc recalled that the Admenders steal the Monarchy’s ship and they remove markings sometimes. It could have been a sold off ship too.

The party headed to the nearest salon. They approached the bartender. No sight of Gand. The bartender offered a drink called “Swill”. Huc bought 2 Swills for Ar-No. Ar-No was hit instantly with a psychedelic experience and started to freak out. R3 started fucking with Ar-No. R3 would sneak behind him and poke him in the back running away soon after. Huc asks where the missing illin is. Huc grabbed the bartender as he tried to escape, “Now, if there was one who was ever more conspicuous than you are right now lad, there might be an award in it but not today son.” The bartender tells them about Fixer. Ar-No repeated the name Fixer. Velorum used her peaceful Maelstrom to calm down Ar-No. She felt affinity with Ar-No’s concept of “Pressure”. She managed to shake the alcohol out of Ar-No. Bef placed his blaster on the table.

The bartender (he/him) pointed behind them at Fixer. Fixer sat next to Huc. Four wookies walked in behind the group. Fixer asked why they besmirched his name. They party ask if Fixer knows of any stolen illin. Huc asked, “what does 50 poppies do for you?” Fixer responded, “50 poppies a pop.”

Fixer said he got an issue and explained how the mining union is causing him issues because they are on strike. He needs them to work. If the party breaks the strike Fixer will tell them where the illin is. Ar-No really wanted to push the bartender against the wall, this caused conflict in them.

They find the mining union leader in some buildings. Velorum asks where the ship of illin went. Dex (he/him), the union leader informs them that if they want to know where the illin is, ask Fixer. Dex laid out the labor issues; dangerous, no overtime pay, a scab doing the work. There was one scab worker named Korvax. Velorum negotiates a deal with Dex: stop the scab worker that uses remote droids to mine the malab.

End of Session 1



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