SW:Fractures Season 5

This is a barely edited summary meant for the players of this campaign. But feel free to enjoy it if you are not one of those!

The heroes were given medical attention as soon as they arrived in Yerra. The populace were overjoyed with the Young Lord Fey making it out of the forest unharmed. Instantly Kyrshel began the evacuation of Yerra as the Monarchy marched toward Tespen-Ma.

The group was offered the crates of illin as a reward for getting out of the forest safely. Kyrshel offered another deal, defend the east side of the town and they can take one of their “crusty” transport ships. The group agrees to help. They were armed. Huc and Bef tore down the town’s substation to create explosives to use as a trap. Ar-No constructed wooden spike traps. Velroum used the Storm to see a river flowing heavier on the west side than the east. Velroum told Kyreshl to buff up the west side. R3 and the Calfquen with a missing leg were put with the crates of illin in the crusty. R3 booted up the ship’s com’s perfectly and kept the crusty warmed up.

Heavy Monarchy troops marched down the street. They set off two of Ar-No’s spike traps, impaled. by the spikes. A squad of five troops met their demise when Huc activated the explosive trap. Two Jet troopers flew into the fray. One landed utop of a building and threw a grenade at Bef. Another flew past and fired at Huc. Velroum flew up to fire her blaster at a jet trooper. Ar-No also took a shot. Velroum called in to Kyrshel to ask for reinforcements and Kyrshel ordered troops to their location. However, the heroes needed to retreat due to the fire power of the monarchy. Velroum called R3 for a pick up in a plaza. She shared the map detail telepathically to the party. Ar-No tossed a grande and obliterated one of the jet troopers. Huc ran but was shot by the last jet trooper. The wound was near fatal but he powered through. The rest followed behind. Artillery fire rained down onto the city.

In a market plaza R3 gracefully left the ship to a hover with the ramp down. The crew got in and Huc took the wheel. They left in pursuit by the jet trooper. The jet trooper landed on the side of the ship, but Huc flung them off with a barrel roll. Two Molten Bird bombers chased in pursuit. Huc pushed the engines to the limit. He opened up the resistors and flushed the engine with power. The crusty sped off but was ripping at the seams.

Eventually part of the wing flew off and Huc held a control glide towards Vengo. R3 and Bef were in the cargo hold calming down the Calfquen while Ar-No and Velroum were in the cockpit. Huc told everyone to brace as he crashed the ship into the crop fields of Vengo. The heroes and calquen survived the landing



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